Narelle’s testimonial (61 years old)

“Hi. My name is Narelle.

I’ve been training with Arlindo for more than three years, coming to him after I learned to really hate mainstream personal training and gyms.

I was attracted to his background in martial arts, his extraordinary breadth of knowledge and expertise, his years and years of experience.

But I think the thing that’s kept me happily working with Arlindo is his ability to look at me as a whole person and to understand the relationship between the physical work we do and my whole life: the other ways I live, my circumstances, my age, my experience, my mental processes, the way I think about exercise and my body and looking after myself.

I love Arlindo’s approach to training or self care as something that should be fun and something that engages the whole person and also becomes something that can be a way of being with other people.

When we were training face to face, in the groups that he held, I loved being playful with the other people that he gathered around for exercise.

Now we work online and it works so well.

I work with Arlindo three times a week and we do all of that online on Zoom and it is almost as good as in-person.

I highly recommend Arlindo.

One of the things that makes Arlindo’s approach so unique is that he looks carefully and listens carefully to see what’s really going on, what might be the barriers that you’re finding to progression or making a particular movement, and he has a talent for cutting it down into smaller parts that you are able to conquer and progress through. While he keeps you challenged, he will never give you anything that you cannot do.

So he has helped me change my view about my body, what it can do, what I want to do, and help me to remove some of those barriers that you put up for yourself when you’re trying to learn new things or look after yourself better or become healthier.

I feel like I’ve made extraordinary progress over the few years that we’ve been working together.

The care that he takes to ensure that the work he does with you is tailored to you, absolutely customized to your condition, your level of health.

Because of all of that skill, after a recent injury to my knee, a degenerative problem with my knee, we have completely changed the way we train so that I’m able to keep progressing in a way that keeps my knees safe.

And it means that I’m able, while I’m looking after this injury in my knee, I’m able to maintain upper body strength and actually really improve it, maintain my core so that I don’t feel like I’m out of the race or out of action and I’m not just standing still. And that, of course, has a really good effect on my mental health.

I’m still able to progress, I’m still learning things, I’m still having fun in my sessions with him.
He has worked with other people that are helping me with an injury at the moment.

He’s met with my physiotherapist. They’re working as a team to help me through an injury.

I highly recommend Arlindo as a trainer, as a partner in health development, actually.”

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