Mark’s testimonial (61 years old)

“Hi there, my name is Mark.
I’m from Sydney. Basically, I met Arlindo about five or six years ago.
He’s really good at what he does. He looks at every type of exercise. He doesn’t focus on just one. I remember going with him to Tai-Chi and we were doing Tai-Chi together. So, he’s got a broad background in fitness and exercise. And I think he’s just fantastic at what he does. Animal Flow works for me because it works muscles, and it works joints, etc.

I’ve got neck problems so he’s very good at modifying those aspects in an environment where it’s safe for me. And he’s very, very safety conscious. And so for me, he’s just a fantastic trainer. He does great motivation. And the thing is, with online training, you can do it anywhere in the world. I find that’s the best. Like when I’ve travelled and I’ve been in Singapore and Europe, I’m able to connect with him, obviously working out times, and we can actually do our stuff online, which is different obviously to going to a normal gym environment where you’ve got times, etc. So, if you’re a person that’s working away from home, or you’ve got busy schedules, work schedules, he can fit you in.

He’s really well aware of limitations of people over 50s.
So, for me, being an older male, it’s about movement. I want to be able to move my body. So, if you can do it, go with Arlindo. He’s a great guy.”

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