Keith’s testimonial (72 years old)

“I’m Keith House.
Nearly 73 years old and I live in Sydney, Australia. I’ve been working with Arlindo Martins for over two years now. When I met him, I was pretty much ground zero as far as exercise was concerned. I’ve always done a lot of walking, so my legs were strong, but every other part of me was, well, weak because it was unexercised. I also had a problem with playing games, particularly tennis, because I have double vision. In other words, I have two separate visions which don’t come together in three dimensional sight. So playing any kind of ball game which involves a small object was impossible for me because I just kept getting the two balls. Very disconcerting. The great thing about Arlindo was he made me feel very comfortable so I could be totally honest with him. I could say, look, I’ve never played sport. I’ve never done anything approaching exercise in a regulated way. And so we approached it from a very calm and patient way.

And he was psychologically always good. So we approached it in a very calm, methodical way. He knew my psychology very well. And that’s the psychology of let’s make any excuse not to do exercise. And he’d very sweetly guide me back to the original focus, which was to actually exercise my body, to increase my balance, to increase my peripheral vision, my left brain, right brain coordination. And just to make me feel psychologically and physically stronger and more confident, which is exactly what has happened.

The last year I’ve worked with Arlindo twice a week and I’m now doing Animal Flow, beginning to do the actual flow rather than the separate postures. I enjoy this so much because I’ve got rather a theatrical personality and it’s a bit like putting on a performance rather than just doing gymnastics. As far as the playing of the tennis and the dribbling of the football, well, I’m getting there. I now can balance a tennis ball on a racket. I can play with a partner or against the wall, and I can dribble a football and I can pass a football to a partner. So getting there.

The future with Arlindo, well, I hope it’s going to be a very long future because he suits my personality extremely well. He’s very adept, both physically and as I said, psychologically, he knows how to handle someone of my age and also my lack of, I suppose you could say my lack of fortitude in terms of my body, my lack of precision, always worried about whether my hands are in the right place or my feet are in the right place because with the double vision, I have very poor spatial ability. I can’t really connect my brain with my body and of course, in my work use my brain rather than my body. So this has been absolutely vital work with someone of my age and my particular exercise background, which is, as I said, virtually nil. Arlindo, you’ve helped me in so many ways and I now stride out confidently into my 70s, I hope, into my 80s as well.

Thank you so much, Arlindo.”

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