Degree in Sports Science (Portugal)

Cert IV Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer (Australia)

Level 2 Certified Animal Flow® Instructor (Australia)

Early Fitness Career

I set up my first kickboxing training school when I was just 17, and went on to train thousands of students over the years. Later, I went on to become a National Champion and then to coach a Portuguese National Semi Contact team (Kickboxing) for many years.

I also did a Sports Science degree and then became a high school PE teacher, a job I loved, for 16 years. But after a while, I grew dissatisfied with the way the school system was teaching kids to only think about movement as competition, so I decided to challenge myself and try something new.

Personal Training Career

I next moved to Australia, where I started my own personal training business. As a more mature personal trainer, I decided to work specifically with people over 40, and that has been my specialisation and my passion ever since.

After 8 years, my wife and I decided to travel, and spent a year in Thailand and Bali, creating and filming my first online fitness course, The Matrix Foundations. I’m now working online with clients all over the world, and providing face to face classes in the Algarve, Portugal. 

What I really love is helping people to change their mind set, both about exercise and about themselves, so that they can become truly successful in becoming active for life!

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: being physically active for life and enjoying it!

My Experience

years teaching & coaching
happy customers with references
contests and conferences attended
speaking engagements

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