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Why do I have a variety of programs to use with my clients? Because you don’t just have different physical needs, but also different motivations.

In my experience, if we start an exercise program, but don’t enjoy it, the chance of giving it up is very high. That’s why my work is about really understanding not only your physical needs, but also your motivational and psychological needs and then offering you the right mix of programs.

Perfectly suited, just for you. 


– Speed reaction
– Peripheral vision
– Dynamic Balance
– Agility


– Strength
– Flexibility
– Core
– Joint health

Martial Arts

– Balance
– Coordination
– Memory
– Concentration


– Strength
– Core
– Endurance
– Body posture

Facebook testimonials

Virginia Lowe

I can highly recommend Arlindo if you are looking for a trainer. He is very professional and passionate about helping people achieve their goals towards better fitness and good health. Arlindo, unlike many other trainers I have encountered, will maintain his focus on you and takes into account any health issues you may have.He is extremely knowledgeable with an extraordinary and varied background in fitness. He is also a very decent and caring human being.

Ian Rogers

A carefully thought out series of exercises and movements delivered at a sensible pace for starting the process of learning to move, think and enjoy being alive. Some of it is tough to readjust your limbs and brains to but with gentle guidance from Arlindo…..you get there and reap the benefits. If I was younger , I would pretend to be older to join this group.

Kylie Furness

I did personal training sessions with Arlindo following some major medical treatments and I highly recommend him. He was always professional, patient and he even managed to make it fun. My recovery and return to health has a lot to do with Arlindo.

Paul Jokinen-Carter

Arlindo works very sensitively with us – he takes on board our strengths but doesn’t push too hard when he knows our body has limits due to strength or injury issues. His approach is very holistic and we feel taken care of as a result . We highly recommend his service.

Carmie Monserrat

I went from starting to feel old and stiff to feeling stronger and fitter and more fluid in my movements. It was so sad when Arlindo left Sydney and I couldn’t do one on one sessions anymore but being able to continue online sessions is a great way to practice my learnings and not lose motivation.

Anna Davison

Fantastic trainer. Thank you for getting me into fitness! Excellent service.

John Spender

Working with Arlindo changed the way I view exercise. He helped me see the training as self care and an art form that becomes a way of life. I highly recommend working with Arlindo! You’ll be glad you did.

Shirley Do Vale

Arlindo’s way of training is different from any other training I had before! His expertise and work allow us to do the movements and get the strength we thought would be impossible to get at a certain stage of our lives. His confidence is contagious!

Narelle Bell

As a 60 year old woman, I now know, through Arlindo’s expert guidance and support, that if I stay engaged with my body it will keep me mobile and enjoying life and all its adventures for many, many years to come. Arlindo has taught me that my body deserves respect, acceptance, movement and fun designed to keep it strong and flexible. Thank you, Arlindo. My life would be far less enjoyable and full without your expertise and insight.

Christine Moran

Arlindo is a dedicated, professional trainer who finds the best techniques for each individual to reach their potential. If you want to be fit for life, Arlindo’s Way is THE way. Keep moving and make it fun!

Adrian Espedido

Training with Arlindo was the best investment ever. My program was holistic, fact-based, challenging and fun. Most importantly, he helped me achieve my goal in toning muscle groups in my body. Thanks, Arlindo.

Kathy Tomaras

Arlindo is a thoughtful, caring trainer that has a deep knowledge of everything he teaches. He picks up on all the important small details that produce the improvements necessary to gain great results. I would highly recommend his expertise!

Daniel De Jesus

Arlindo has a true passion for helping people move and exercise, his workouts are great. He is very professional and approachable. I definitely recommend him.

Patricia Losada

5 STARS! It is so obvious Arlindo enjoys his job and I could definitely feel it and benefit from it. Super good energy and always good ideas and ways to understand our motivations, I learned so much. So personalized and customized!

Kerry Gray

The way Arlindo works with you is completely different to other trainers I’ve had. He really took the time to understand what drives me and what was holding me back, and he has completely changed the way I view exercise. My wife and I train together with him and we both enjoy the classes. I highly recommend Arlindo, he is a pro.

Stage 1

Initial consultation and assessment

Stage 2

Intro pack of 3 sessions

Stage 3

Weekly regular sessions & coaching

Your Health Investment

I offer a variety of investment options after our initial consultation, depending on your needs and how many people will be training together.

*Training can take place in your home or in a studio.

Is Arlindo's Way for Me?

Arlindo’s Way is the right option for you, if you:
-have low levels of motivation and discipline
-have serious body limitations or injuries
-have health issues
-are unfit or seriously overweight
-need a tailored plan
-would like to benefit from mindset coaching
– would like to be a part of a community of people on a journey to health!.

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