Welcome to the Healthy Ageing Movement!

You are sick of feeling tired. You’re tired of feeling pain. You want to avoid progressive diseases and taking pills for the rest of your life. You know there’s a better way to live, and you are ready to start.

We are a community of like-minded souls who are dedicated to maintaining a happy, active and fulfilling lifestyle. We have fun, support each other, form friendships and, most importantly, move!

Sounds like a good match? Read on…

From our studio in Portimao, we provide elite face-to-face group classes or private sessions, or a mixed online / face to face service for those who live a little further away or who travel abroad frequently.

Our philosophy

Training is as natural as possible, so that you develop the physical movements you need for real life.
Fully respects and accepts the individuality and needs of each person.
Focuses on not only improving your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health.
Develops your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-motivation.
Provides a community of people who feel inspired, and who enjoy inspiring others.

Is Arlindo's Way for Me?

Arlindo’s Way is the right option for you if any of the below describe you:
– I have low levels of motivation and discipline to exercise
– I have body limitations (eg. back, knee, hip or shoulder pain)
– I am unfit or seriously overweight
– I have health issues (eg. arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, balance issues)
– I have lost the hope that my physical health can improve again
– I would like to be a part of a community of people on a journey to health!

Your Health Investment

I provide options for every budget. If you don’t have any major injuries or limitations, you will probably be able to join our Vital Flow classes (max 10 people in each group). However, if you have very specific or severe injuries or health conditions, or if you prefer a more elite service, you will receive a private service for either individuals and couples. Later, you may progress to small groups (max 4) or join our larger Vital Flow classes.

All Arlindo’s Way clients are fully committed to their health journey.

A variety of investment options will be provided after our initial consultation, depending on your needs and the frequency of your training.

Stage 1

Initial consultation and assessment

Stage 2

Intro trial month

Stage 3

Weekly regular sessions & coaching

Arlindo Martins


Degree in Sports Science

Motivational Coach 

Cert IV Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer (Australia)

Arlindo’s early work life was as as a PE teacher, as well as founding and managing a long-running, highly-successful martial arts school. In his career, he has reached international level competition, trained elite athletes, and been invited to television.

However, the greatest joy of his career has taken place over the last 8 years, as he has helped many people to find a way to healthy ageing through movement, and to dramatically change their lives for the better.

He has had outstanding success with helping people to recover from, or radically improve, body issues such as back and hip pain, arthritis and Parkinson’s. He also loves working with people who have never exercised, or who have not exercised for many years, to help them discover a love of movement.

Included Services

2-3 60 min weekly sessions (private or small group)
Tailored home practice movement plans and videos
Accountability strategies
Motivational coaching  
Access to Arlindo’s Way monthly social events
Access to Arlindo’s Way private studio in Portimao for personal practice
Teamwork with other specialists such as physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists


Rob Cinnamon

I’ve been looking for a trainer like Arlindo for years, someone that understands that training needs to be different for someone older than for someone at their peak. Over the last 10 years or so I’ve had a few Personal Trainers. Most have tried to train me as if I’m still a 19 year old which isn’t enjoyable and leads to injury. I particularly like the focus on accepting your age and limitations, and to train accordingly. These are magic words for me to hear! I highly recommend this program and I am really enjoying the sessions!

Ian Rogers

A carefully thought out series of exercises and movements delivered at a sensible pace for starting the process of learning to move, think and enjoy being alive. Some of it is tough to readjust your limbs and brains to but with gentle guidance from Arlindo….you get there and reap the benefits. If I was younger, I would pretend to be older to join this group.

Virginia Lowe

I can highly recommend Arlindo if you are looking for a trainer. He is very professional and passionate about helping people achieve their goals towards better fitness and good health. Arlindo, unlike many other trainers I have encountered, will maintain his focus on you and takes into account any health issues you may have.He is extremely knowledgeable with an extraordinary and varied background in fitness. He is also a very decent and caring human being.

Kerry Gray

The way Arlindo works with you is completely different to other trainers I’ve had. He really took the time to understand what drives me and what was holding me back, and he has completely changed the way I view exercise. My wife and I train together with him and we both enjoy the classes. I highly recommend Arlindo, he is a pro.

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